Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Presenters often get caught up in the “bland leading the bland” because many presentations are a dreadful failure of communication and the rest are just plain boring. Why do some average ideas get traction while some brilliant ideas die on the vine? The answer is simple: connection. Regardless of where someone is in his/her career, working to enhance presentation skills in order to communicate with impact is critical for success. Connecting with the audience for maximum engagement is the key.

Given my extensive experience as a professional speaker, coach and trainer/educator, I have developed proven success strategies to help people address the specific issues they face regarding presentation preparation, design and delivery.

It has been said public speaking is the number one fear of human beings. It needn’t be. I can help you overcome stage fright, prepare great visual aids and deliver powerful presentations. Working with me your presentation skills will improve and you’ll learn how to speak with confidence while developing your own dynamic style. If you or your organization is preparing a special presentation, I’ll coach you through the entire process. We can work on individual presentations in private sessions or on group presentations in group sessions. Everyone’s presentation skills will get better. We’ll explore how to effectively use PowerPoint® and Keynote for maximum impact. The days of bullets-only slides are over! And, if you really want to WOW the audience, I’ll help you add other dynamic elements, such as sound effects, props, and music where appropriate. You’ll see yourself on video and watch the entire process unfold.

Facing the News Media

Media professionals spend years sharpening their craft. This fascinating program will help level the playing field, so you’ll know what to do if the media comes knocking at your door. I’ll teach you how to present yourself in interviews with talk show hosts, print/Internet reporters, radio personalities, and television reporters. You’ll practice on camera and discover the best ways to handle sensitive issues and use valuable media coverage to your advantage. Group and private media training sessions are available. For more information about extended programs please visit

Interpersonal Skills and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Since none of us function alone all of the time, our ability to communicate is critical to our success in both our personal and professional lives. So, when you want a tune-up or have a special problem to solve, interpersonal skills coaching can be extremely valuable. If you’re looking for honest feedback from employees, coworkers and your boss I’ll customize a complete 360° survey and provide you with a comprehensive report of the findings. Once we know the results I’ll put together a strategy for achieving success. And, when working together to enhance your EQ, I’ll challenge you to dig deep and find solutions that often lie beneath the surface. Plus, if you need a little insight into dealing with a difficult situation, I can help by mediating or assisting in the development of action plans for future interactions.

Career Transitioning Skills

When you are looking for work your ability to identify and effectively communicate your strengths and career goals is extremely important. I’ll help you create and communicate your personal brand and public profile.  Additionally, your resume and cover letters need to be tailored for each job opportunity. You’ll need a communication strategy that includes cover letter customization, resume tweaking, networking plans and interview preparation and practice. I’ll work with you to develop a job search approach that includes all of this as well as create messaging to help you get your foot in the door and land the job you desire.