Communicating with Nancy Stern

Communicating With Nancy Stern


National PBS Television Series


Improving communication skills, sharpening perceptions, heightening listening abilities and empowering yourself and others are some of the topics covered in Communicating With Nancy Stern, a 13 week series of television programs which aired for five years throughout the country on PBS.


The series was taped before a studio audience during a four day period. Audience members were business people headquartered in PA. Each segment of the series included a lecture, discussion and participation activities which demonstrated concepts to help viewers improve communication skills and enhance the quality of all their relationships. Stern said, “I believe communicating effectively is the most important activity in your life, whether at work or at home. An inability to communicate decreases productivity at work and increases tension at home. That’s why my series was geared for everyone.” 


Some of the topics included experiencing the power of positive self-talk, saying what you really mean, learning how to send and receive criticism positively, using silence as an effective tool, understanding how personal differences impact communication and listening for enhanced understanding. The series included thirteen half-hour shows composed of modules ranging in length from 10 to 26 minutes. The format was ideal for home viewing as well as for business training and education supplements.



Communicating With Nancy Stern was co-produced by WITF, Inc.
and Nancy Stern Communication Plus.