Gender Jive: Funny Things Happen When Men & Women Talk

Gender Jive: Funny Things Happen When Men & Women Talk™



To increase self-awareness

To fine-tune communication skills

To develop a deeper awareness of gender communication differences

To create strategies to prevent communication breakdown

To demonstrate effective questioning and listening techniques



I.     Introduction

A.  Dave Barry Speaks Out on Gender Communication

B.  Roadblocks and Myths

C.  10 Questions: How Are We Different?

D.  Research and Observations About Gender Differences

E.  Why Are We So Different?

F.  Child’s Play and the Impact on Male-Female Communication

G.  The Importance of Present Moment Focus While Gender Jiving

II.    Communicating Between Genders

A.  Communication Doesn’t Just Happen

B.  Non-verbal Signals and Meta-Messages

C.  Compliance vs. Consensus

D.  Report vs. Rapport Talk

E.  Problem Solving vs. Empathy

F.  Listening for Understanding

G.  Reviewing the Research

III.  Talking With S.T.A.R. POWER™

IV.   Workplace Applications and Examples

V.    Action Planning for Success