IMPROV Your Life™

IMPROV Your Life™









Tired of the same old speakers talking about the same old topics?
Heard enough about the new economy, technology and branding?
Want to energize your next event with a fresh and practical program?

It’s Time to Get Out of the Audience and Into the Act!

Life doesn’t come with a rule book, so when the script hits the fan…improvise. Experience seriously fun ways to improve your flexibility, embrace change, and breeze through problems. Improv helps you think on your feet, be creative and innovative, listen carefully, become a captivating speaker or presenter, and get the most out of every moment. It’s great for promoting teamwork, reducing stress, developing resiliency, and creating dynamic leaders. Participation in this program will challenge your spontaneity, imagination and intuition.

And – you’ll learn while you laugh!


Although trained in communication and educational theatre, after 10 years as a producer, director, and educator, Nancy translated her finely honed skills to coaching, consulting, speaking, and training. She quickly became highly regarded as a speaker with a message—one who leaves audiences with practical tools for immediate use. She has a Master’s Degree in Communication Education and studied improvisation with the well known theatre group, Second City. She’s an Emmy award-winner who also produced and appeared in the national PBS television series “Communicating With Nancy Stern.” With a stimulating and thought-provoking blend of theatre, improvisation, communication, and leadership, Nancy now shows you how to IMPROV Your Life™.