Shift Happens…How Change Ready Are You?

Shift Happens…How Change Ready Are You?™



To develop techniques for understanding the dynamics of change

To create strategies to positively manage and master the change process



To increase understanding of the communication process

To demonstrate the application of listening techniques

To learn what happens when people are asked to change

To enhance one’s ability to sell ideas

To create an action plan for effective change management



I.      Introduction and Seminar Goal Setting

II.    Breaking Bad Habits

III.  Empathy and Managing Change

IV.  Types of Organizational Change

A.  The Cost of Trying to Ignore Change

B.  If It Aint Broke, Break It.

        V.   The Dynamics of Change

A.  What Happens When You Ask People to Change?

B.  What Prevents You From Changing?

C.  Group Exercise in Changes

VI.  Managing Change

A.  Endings and Beginnings

B.  Insufficient Transition Periods

      VII.  Concerns During the Change Process

A.  Sales Effectiveness Triangle

B.  Eliciting Buy-In

C.  Fear of Loss

    VIII.  Communicating During Change

A.  Attitude

B.  Defining Effective Communicators/Change Agents

C.  The Model for Mindful Communication

D.  The importance of Non-verbal Language

E.  Listening and Compassion

F.  Keep Talking and Listening

G.  How to Have Success with Change

       IX.  Wrap-up and Action Planning for Success