The Art of Powerful Presentations

The Art of Powerful Presentations



Following participation in this educational program, attendees will have a heightened awareness of themselves as speakers who also represent their organization. They will be provided with the skill sets necessary to prepare and present dynamic, informative presentations.



To develop strategies for successful speaking by blending technical skills with one’s own personal, individualized style.

To create a positive sense of self as it relates to basic communication and preparing and delivering effective presentations.

To demonstrate techniques for using presentation technology appropriately (that means it is NOT a crutch)

To develop attitudes that project trust and credibility to the audience.

To enhance spontaneity, creativity and innovative thinking.

To demonstrate how to CONNECT with the audience

The program is designed for a minimum of two days. This will ensure individualized instruction, video feedback and ample practice time.



Each participant will be asked to prepare a 15-minute presentation which will be used during both sessions. Following session one it will be revised for use in session two.





Small group activities

Visual aids

Individual attention




Session One

I.     Introduction

A.  Breaking Bad Habits

B.  Qualities of Effective Speakers

C.  Defining Communication & Fine-Tuning for Successful Speaking


E.  Be Here Now

II.    It Starts With You

 A.  Managing Your Mind

 B.  Positive Self-Talk Strategies

 C.  Preparation: Mind and Body Working Together

III.   The Communication Process and Powerful Presentations

  A.  Receiver Orientation and Knowing Your Audience

  B.  The Model of Effective Communication

  C.  Perception and Filters

  D.  The Importance of Non-Verbal Language

  E.  Listening and S.T.A.R. POWER

  F.  Defusing Difficult Audiences

IV.    Preparation and Delivery

  A.  Stern’s 12 Steps to Powerful Presentations

  B.  Beginnings and Endings

  C.  Enrolling Your Audience

  D.  The Art of Storytelling to Enhance Presentations

  E.  What About Visual Aids and Props?

  F.  Things to Avoid That the Audience Sees and Hears

  G.  Stupid Things That Sabotage Success

  H.  Wrap-Up and Action Planning

Session Two:

  I.  Review of Session One Concepts

  II.  Body and Voice Warm-ups

  III.  “Mini” Presentations on Video

  IV.  Feedback and Critique

  V.  “Re-do” of Selected Parts

  VI.  Wrap-up and Further Action Planning